Creative Young
Entrepreneur Competition

Finals will be held on 21st of May 2022. Meet with our finalists:

CYE 2022 Finalists
What is CYE?
What Is CYE?

The JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Program is a competition with the main objective to motivate and inspire JCI’s enterprising young leaders.

Young startup members will be able to pitchtheir businesses to delegated experts in online and onsite events. The CYE Program, through sponsors and partners, will reward the winners of the competition for their efforts and also play an important role in inspiring and promoting participants to create innovative new businesses.

Who Can Apply?
Who Can Apply?
  • The competition is open to JCI members and non-members.
  • Startups must be already in business and achieve their first sales.
  • There is no sector limitation for startups in applications.
  • Applications are reserved for individuals (startup members) aged 18-40 years.
What Can You Gain From CYE Program?
What Can You Gain
From CYE Program?
  • Education and networking
  • Opportunity to meet with investors and advisors
  • Opportunity to be accepted in national accelerator programs and startup incubators
  • Opportunity to attend JCI Turkey CYE Summit at Çeşme as free of charge
  • Opportunity to attend in international CYE competitions- Europe region in Brugge, World finals in Hong Kong
  • Support in growth abroad
  • Develop global entrepreneur mindset
CYE Program Rules

Project bearers must be between the ages of 18 and 40. Age qualification will be determined by calendar year.

Applications should showcase an innovative product/service, be engaging to their market and have a clear vision for a development strategy.

The project bearer must not be a current JCI Board of Directors member. In addition, paid staff members will not be considered for the program.

The application form must be received by the deadline set by organization. No late applications will be accepted.

All application forms will only be accepted in English and also English will be the pitching language of the online and onsite competitions. Applications must be submitted using only the online application form provided by organization, after confirmation of the payment.

Only one submission of a business venture is permitted per person.

Project bearers must be willing to promote the ideals of JCI and act as a brand ambassador at least for the year after winning the award.

Four semi-finalists of online pitching competition will attend to onsite finals hold in JCI Turkey CYE Summit at Çeşme-İzmir as free of charge.

Winner of onsite final will attend to regional CYE competition in JCI European Conference, Brugge and if he also wins that competition, he will receive 5000 USD prize and he will be eligible to participate in the global CYE competition that will be organised in Hong-Kong within 2022.

CYE Program Schedule

Application Deadline

Evaluation of Applications

Announcement of Finalists for Online Pitching Competition

Online Pitching Competition

Announcement of Finalists for Onsite Pitching Competition with experts in Creative Young Entrepreneurship Summit at Çeşme

The JCI Turkey CYE Summit

Live Pitching with Juries and Gala Night

Confirmed Partners CYE Turkey’22
Çeşme Muinicipality
Startup Market
GainGlobal Türkiye
Vanora Venture

JCI Turkey CYE Summit

Çeşme, İzmir

Grand Hotel Ontur

CYE Jury Panel

Mustafa Kopuk
Mustafa Kopuk

Managing Partner at DOMiNO Ventures and Tarvenn Ventures


Murat Şahin
Murat Şahin

Proven Brand Partnership Consultant Advisory Board Member


Levent Kuşgöz
Levent Kuşgöz

EGİAD Melekleri Chief Executive Chairman

Jana Havlíčková
Jana Havlíčková

2022 JCI Vice President

Münteha Adalı
Münteha Adalı

Arya Women Investmen Platform Co-Founder

Alphan Manas
Alphan Manas

Serial Entrepreneur and Futurist

CYE Winners

Murat Şahin
Murat Şahin

2010 Winner

Murat Şahin
Berke Erkorur

2011 Winner

Murat Şahin
Berna Gözbaşı

2012 Winner

Murat Şahin
Emir Turan

2013 Winner

Murat Şahin
Sertaç Taşdelen

2014 Winner

Finalists Previous Version of “CYEA” (2010-2014)

Global & National Partners

Petrol Ofisi
Kurşun Kalem
World Class Manager
International Chamber of Commerce
House of Human